9 Years, 7 Months, 20 Days Later, "For God and Country—Geronimo Geronimo Geronimo"-Will Steacy
Backyard - Amy Stein
Installation view, Portobello, Patricia Almeida
untitled (cliffs), 2005 - Eirik Johnson
Normandy, Straw Bales - Matthias Koch
Created in Rouen in 2002 at the initiative of French photographer Charles Fréger, "Piece of Cake," comprises of European and North American artists. The group's purpose is to enable these artists to interact as they create, produce, and distribute their works.

All of POC's networking activity culminates in regular meetings (workshops). Four workshops are held each year, two in Europe and two in North America. During these meetings members talk about the path the association is taking, in addition to their individual and collective future. Discussions regarding the production of works, questions inherent to artistic production from conception to the finished product, and practical problems facing all artists, are the primary focus of these exchanges.