Köln, September 2004

By admin2

Soon after the Madrid gathering Piece of Cake members met again in Köln, Germany. This was thanks to their partners for this project: Galerie Martin KudlekInternationale Photoszene Köln (IPK), Forum für Fotografie  and Expoplan.

The highlight of this meeting was the large collective exhibition of POC members at Forum for Photography, but also the talk “Solitude or Network” talk by Frank Burgdörfer. Those events were an opportunity for the members and for the visitors to understand the outlines and the benefits of a group like POC which is neither a collective or a corporation, but more like a network, a tribe, a family.
Again, the public of the Internationale Photoszene Köln 2004, both amateur and professionals was also invited to participate and interact with the photographers at the Forum. A very official group picture of the members was also produced on this occasion.

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