Loan Nguyen

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Loan Nguyen, Mobile. 2005

In the morning mist, the barely visible figure of a woman. As if on a tight rope, she walks along the edges of a stone pool, one step at a time. Close by, the same figure appears, creating a hand shadow on the wall of a rough concrete building, or contemplating its reflection in the calm waters of a lake… Staging these moments, Loan Nguyen takes on the part of an actress in scenarios where likely reconciliations between nature and culture are played. However, as we move from one scene to the next, we do not uncover any narrative ; of her, nothing is said. She shows no intention of drawing up a self-portrait, only that of giving herself the means to accomplish a heartfelt interpretation of the landscapes. Text: Gabriele Schor

pages: 64
Size: 265x5x217
Publisher: POC Peace Of Cake

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