Utrecht, June 6 to June 13, 2011

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POC Members in Utrecht

Thanks to Fotodok, Piece of Cake members gathered for 5 days in this incredible Paper Dome to work, eat and sleep in utrecht (nl). POC opened the gates of Paper Dome to photography students from the nearby schools, and gave lectures at Fotodok festival. Amongst our special guests to share cake was the french independant curator Rémi Faucheux.

Two North American POCs crossed the ocean to join the Europeans : Cara Phillips and Timothy Briner.

One of the main subjects discussed appart from the traditional critique sessions was the opening of an Asian branch of Piece of Cake. This project is now in motion, and soon, new members from Asian countries will join the Piece of Cake network.

Once again Charles prooved his cook talents by cooking 2 meals a day for 30 people with very little money. We are approaching the 10th anniversaire of Piece of Cake and the group has never been so big and strong.

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