Exhibition: The Photographer’s Gallery, London, UK

By Peter Granser

Marks of Honour
18 06 2010 – 18 10 2010

Harvey Benge honours William Eggleston
Chris Coekin honours Duncker/Tuunanen
Peter Granser honours Robert Frank
Pieter Hugo honours Roland Barthes
Tiina Itkonen honours Pentti Sammallahti
Onaka Koji honours Daido Moriyama
Jens Liebchen honours Anthony Hernandez
Michael Light honours Ansel Adams
Mark Power honours Stephen Shore
Matthew Sleeth honours Lars Tunbjörk
Alec Soth honours Andrea Modica
Jules Spinatsch honours Block 2008
Raimond Wouda honours Paul Shambroom

Marks of Honour – A Striking Library is a homage to the photo book. The exhibition shows the inspiration a new generation of relevant photographers has had from the history of photography in the form of books. The photo book is a source for artistic inspiration and creative reference, especially since Robert Frank published his Les Américains in 1958. Photography in books has not only influenced collectors and curators, but also generations of photographers.


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