Flakphoto features the Humble Collector’s Guide, Vol. 2 (including “J’ai perdu ma tête”)

By Peter Granser

Flak Photo continues its 2011 program by partnering with Humble Arts Foundation to feature work from 35 artists included in The Collector’s Guide to New Art Photography, a biennial publication that highlights some of the most innovative new photographic work from 100 photographers internationally.

The spring feature highlights the diverse perspectives of 35 of these photographers including images from Adam Schrieber, Amy Eckert, Amy Lombard, Andy Freeberg, Brad Farwell, Casey McGonagle, Christopher Colville, Claire Beckett, Corinne Vionnet, Deana Lawson, Elizabeth Atterbury, Emily Shur, Eric Bessel, Erika Larsen, Flemming Ove Bech, Gillian Laub, Irina Rozovsky, Jessica Labatte, Jill Frank, Joshua Dudley Greer, Kevin Thrasher, Kris Graves, Magda Biernat, Hyers + Mebane, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Matthew Gamber, Paul Bobko, Peter Granser, Robin Schwartz, Ryan Boatright, Sarah Girner, Stephanie Jane Halmos, Tricia Lawless Murray, Wendy Given and Youngsuk Suh.

Edited by Humble Arts Foundation’s founders, amani olu and Jon Feinstein, the book is a resource for collectors, gallerists, curators, art professionals, educators, and the public. This new volume continues Humble’s mission of introducing new talent to people of influence in contemporary art.


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