Andrew Phelps, showing in The Hague September 7th.

By Andrew Phelps
On the edge
photographs from Higley and Haboob, 2004-2012 

Andrew Phelps

Gallery Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus

Stationsweg 137
2515 BM Den Haag

 7 September 2013, 4PM – 6PM (Museumnight: open till 12 PM)

Exhibition until 3 November 2013 (Attention: Closed at 24 and 25 Sept.)




LhGWR is proud to present the exhibition On the Edge, photographs from Higley and Haboob, 2004-2012 by the American photographer Andrew Phelps. For the first time the work of the impressive series Higley and Haboob come together in one exhibition. A double portrait of an exemplary community in the United States, where wealth and prosperity were followed by the collapse of the housing market.
In Higley, globalization is scaled to a micro-cosmos; a farming community on the outskirts of Phoenix. It deals with the tipping point where the past is overtaken by a propelling capitalism. The series is punctuated with nostalgic musings and romantic notes that emerge imperceptibly from Phelps’ personal past. Yet you do not read the series as an indictment, you experience more of a resignation to the fact that time brings change. Then, in Haboob, we are faced with the downside of prosperity.

Phelps works as a curator and board member of the Galerie Fotohof in Salzburg. In recent years his works have been presented at renowned galleries like Robert Morat Galerie (Hamburg), Galerie Brunnhofer (Linz) and Galerie Jo van de Loo (München)