Derby, March 6 to 11, 2013

By Raphaëlle Stopin



POC landed in Derby : a countryside house for base, an old factory as its exhibition space.
Hosted by FORMAT Festival, a photography-focused event existing since 2004,
POC organised a workshop as well as a group show,
gathering both European and American POC members.

While photography (and hopefully life) related conversations were going on in almost every room
in the house over the week end, the old factory was the setting for a great collaborative work :
all attending members dedicated to hang each other’s works,
to take the most advantage of this rather “raw” space.



The idea behind the show was to give an overview of the diversity of approaches
to the photographic medium at stake in POC.

The curation process, involving the whole group, was supervised by Simon Roberts
and Seba Kurtis. A great attention was given to proposing the same diversity in presentations,
combining framed prints, with blue backs, or prints simply pinned on the wall.
Choices which aimed to reflect the specificity with which each of the member embrace the medium
to serve his/her artistic project, as much as echoing the rawness of the space.

The show displayed works by : Andrew Phelps / Bert Danckaert / Birgitta Lund / Cara Phillips / Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk / Chan-Hyo Bae / Charles Fréger / Charlott Markus / Friederike von Rauch / Götz Diergarten / Jonathan Gitelson / Loan Nguyen / Marina Gadonneix / Mathieu Bernard-Reymond /Matthias Koch / Patrícia Almeida & David-Alexandre Guéniot / Petros Efstathiadis / Seba Kurtis / Simon Roberts / Ville Lenkkeri




A guided tour was given by the members, each of them explaining the body of work
they had chosen to present, in front of the festival’s audience.
Aside from the show, was also a lecture, held at the auditorium of Quad,
Derby’s main art venue, giving a sneak peak, in words and pictures,
at POC’s spirit and life, defining our vision and exprience of the collective
as we have built it over the years.



Another collaborative work was going on in the house,
involving a spontaneous yolks gathering
and a deer who generously looked into POC’s evenings…perpetuating one of POC’s best kept tradition
being each of the member to bring one of his/her country’s food specialties to be shared with the group.

Forget Austrian delicatessen or Swiss unfamous cheese. Jägermeifter was one to be remembered this time.