Athens, 12 to 16 May, 2014

By Raphaëlle Stopin



5 months has passed since the last workshop, POC Europe has now turned its gaze on the South,
warm Athens after cold Normandy.
A view on the Parthenon, a rooftop terrace and sun surprisingly got the most suffrages.
So much that John Gitelson jumped in as an extradited POC North America member.

Almost 20 members came for what was a very fruitful workshop.
Newcomers Leo Favier and Lorenzo Vitturi introduced their work to POC,
while Loan Nguyen presented her very last works venturing into the performance field.


Marina Gadonneix got feedbacks on her latest series, still in progress,
Charles Fréger showed a preview of his soon-to-be-published book, Bretonnes
and Peter Granser brought us his long awaited and freshly released book J’ai perdu ma tête.
We discussed as well Bert Danckaert works for Breda Festival and Petros Efstathiadis,
who was POC Greece spokesman, showed his brand new works,
both photographs and video piece, which just got exhibited at the Hyères Festival.

Marina, Seba, Bert, Charles, Lorenzo gave a talk at Goethe Institut
in the context of Athens Photo Festival.


And David-Alexandre Guéniot showed the last project from his (along with other POC
member Patricia Almeida) publishing house GHOST
at a gallery downtown, and introduced the idea behind these Souvenirs from Europe,
involving amongst others artists, POC’s Marina Gadonneix, Petros Efstathiadis and Leo Favier.


A rather spontaneous collaboration between POC members, focused on exchanging perspectives
on the common ground we share, so to say, Europe and discuss visual and conceptual propositions,
this recalls the very fundaments of POC republic…
Athens was quite a good pick as a location.