What is Piece Of Cake ?

By admin2

Created in Rouen in 2002 at the initiative of French photographer Charles Fréger, “POC” – standing for “Piece of Cake” – comprises 40 or so young European and American artists whose preferred medium is photography. The group’s raison d’être is to enable the artists to interact as they create, produce and distribute their works. The permanent links for this exchange network, in the form of e-mail and other multimedia tools, and an efficient website, form the vectors for POC’s activities.

All its activity culminates in regular meetings, with or without exhibitions. There, members talk about the path the association is taking, their individual and collective future. They can also discuss the practical problems that all artists face during their careers. Discussions regarding the production of photographic works, as well as video and multimedia and, more generally, questions inherent to any artistic production from conception to the finished product, are the focus of lively exchanges between these artists, most of whom come from visual art and photography schools throughout Europe, and United States.

POC is also a permanent network that functions at a virtual level by making full use of the web, and at a tangible level by way of Europe-wide meetings between the artists co-opted from the original nucleus: Charles Fréger (France), as well as Goetz Diergarten (Germany), Loan Nguyen (Switzerland) and Mathieu Bernard-Reymond (France).

This network of artists, each of whom forms part of the contemporary current of “photography as art,” deals with the question of documentary recording and the relationship between photography and reality in biographical, fictional and serial modes that go beyond simple photographic reporting as proof of reality. In their own way, each of these artists acts at the fringe of the documentary approach to disrupt the notion of “objective” reading. They all remind us of the extent to which photography has been – from its very origin – a privileged bearer of the history of representation and how much more the artists can teach us about reality by using their imagination rather than simply imitating nature itself.

Since 2002 POC workshop has been funded only with the members yearly contributions.