Lux Monograph – Christina Seely

By Christina Seely

Lux presents photographic portraits of forty-five cities that lie in the most brightly illuminated regions of the NASA night earth map. Photographed over a five-year period between 2005–2010, the project focuses on cities in the United States, Western Europe and Japan. All the images are recordings of exclusively man-made light, and were shot using a 4×5 large format field camera. Every one is simply titled Metropolis, accompanied by a notation of the city’s latitude and longitude, which helps indicate both the specific and universal quality of the images.

The book’s large-format design is an echo of the exhibition installations of the project, and includes a key-coded NASA map (in a separate pocket), which connects the singular to the global. Texts by Natasha Egan, Executive Director of the  Museum of Contemporary Photography, architect and artist Liam Young and writer Jane Brox help create a broader understanding of the project in the context of Seely’s ongoing work and research. 

Hardbound with acetate jacket, 11.75 x 14.75 inches,(opens vertically)
104 pages with two gatefolds. Separate Tri-fold map.
46 color images / 95 pages
Co-published with the Museum of Contemporary Photography
Photographs by Christina Seely
Texts by Jane Brox, Natasha Egan, and Liam Young

ISBN: 9781934435663