Wilder Mann series Charles Freger 2010 (5)
Caretos de lazarim, from the "Wilder Mann" series (2010-2011)
Babugeri, from the "Wilder Mann" series Charles Freger (2010)
Busos, from the "Wilder Mann" series Charles Freger (2010)
Water-polo 5, from the "Water-polo" series
Sikh 1 from the "Sikh regiment of India" (2010)
Short School Haka 38 from "Short School Haka" series
Rikishi 15, from the "Rikishi" series (2002-2003)
Hereros 10 from the "Hereros" series (2007)
Hereros 9 from the Hereros (2007)
Nelson 22, from the series "2 Nelson" (2004)
Opera 27, from the "Opera" series (2005-2007)
Opera 30, from the "Opera" series (2005-2007)
Scot guard 21, from the "Empire" series (2004-2007)
Black Watch 1, from the "Empire" series,  2004-2007
Winner face 11, from the STEPS series (2002-2003)
Winner face 10, from the "STEPS" series, 2002-2003
Grande Escorte Royale 12, de la série "Empire" (2004-2007)
Vatican, from "Empire" 2004-2007

Charles Fréger

Charles Fréger
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Founder of POC, Charles Fréger (b.1975) graduated at the fine art school of Rouen, France. He still lives in Rouen. Charles Fréger has been seeking to establish a collection entitled: ‘Portraits photographiques et uniformes’. His series devoted to groups of sportsmen, soldiers or students, taken in Europe and across the world, focuses particularly on what they are wearing, on their uniform. His last book "Empire" was published by Kehrer, Peliti and Thames&Hudson. His work was exhibited at "Les Rencontres photographes d'Arles", the "Yokohama museum of Art", the "Museum of Contemporary Art of Shanghai".