Birthday party
Kevin's Birthday_DuBois
Eirn and her laundry_DuBois
Jordan up the pole_DuBois
Eirn and Kevin_DuBois
Jade outside of Gracie's_DuBois
Roisin and Jordan_Doug DuBois

Doug DuBois

Doug DuBois
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Doug DuBois teaches at Syracuse University and at the International Limited Residency Program at the Hartford Art School. He has exhibited at The J Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles; The Museum of Modern Art and Higher Pictures in New York, galleries in Europe and Japan. His photographs have appeared in magazines including The New York Times, TIME magazine. Details, Black Book, The Telegraph (London) and Monopol (Berlin) and Outlook (Beijing). A monograph of his photographs titled, All the Days and Nights was published by Aperture in the spring of 2009.