o.T. (Wien-Suedtiroler Platz)
o.T.2(Prag-Jiřího z Poděbrad) by Goetz Diergarten
o.T.(Bukarest-Piata Unirii) by Goetz Diergarten
o.T.(Berlin-Siemensdamm) by Goetz Diergarten
o.T.3(Westbrook Bay) by Goetz Diergarten
o.T.1(Broadstairs–Joss Bay) by Goetz Diergarten
o.T.3(Calais) by Goetz Diergarten
o.T.1(Calais) by Goetz Diergarten
o.T.(De Haan II) by Goetz Diergarten
o.T.(Gouville)5 by Goetz Diergarten
o.T.(Ravenoville)LXI by G.Diergarten
o.T.(Kaiserslautern 10) 1997, from Fassade-series by G.Diergarten

Goetz Diergarten

Goetz Diergarten
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Throughout all his series, Goetz Diergarten creates a realm for the contemplation of the unnoticed and the beauty of the ordinary. On the one hand, his images have a stringent documentary character. On the other hand, their appeal lies in their painterly quality which is manifested in the interaction between abstraction and color. Goetz Diergarten (born 1972) is part of the „POC-nucleus“, apperently lifelong president of POC-EU. Solo shows in 2010/2011 at Museum Weserburg Bremen (Germany), Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern (Germany) and Wyspianski Pavilion Krakow (Poland). Since 2000 various gallery shows in Berlin, Santa Monica, Vienna, Prague, Seoul and other places. Goetz Diergarten has received a Hasselblad research grant and most recently the Pfalz Prize for Fine Art. So far nine monographs on his work have been published. Goetz Diergarten lives and works nearby Bad Kreuznach and Frankfurt am Main (Germany).