Kosti as a man who after four years and ten months of daily visits to his wife’s grave has decided to stay home and let go.
Sergey as a man who, having promised his family not to touch the bottle during his two-year absence, drinks from a teapot to stave off the demons of depression. - Ville Lenkkeri
Ieva as a woman who came to rake the yard of her burnt-out home so as to be able to leave for the city with dignity, although without her belongings or a place to stay. - Ville Lenkkeri
A Grocer's Store twelve Minutes Prior to a Disturbance - Ville Lenkkeri
Self-Imposed Solitude - Ville Lenkkeri
Museum - Ville Lenkkeri
The Complete Collected Works of V.I.Lenin, with Volumes 13 and 53 Missing - Ville Lenkkeri
Jungle in the Making - Ville Lenkkeri
Paradise - Ville Lenkkeri
The End of Innocence - Ville Lenkkeri

Ville Lenkkeri

Ville Lenkkeri
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Ville Lenkkeri (born in Oulu, Finland in 1972) lives and works in Stockholm. Graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague (BA) and The University of Arts and Design, Helsinki (MA). Ville Lenkkeri’s work deals with the reasons behind human behavior in general and the forms the private and shared dreams end up taking in particular. Lenkkeri has published two books with Hatje Cantz: Reality in the Making, 2006, and The Place of no Roads, 2009. He currently works on and dreams of a continuation to the latter of the books, a volume that will combine images and texts from the Southern ends of the world dealing with fragile things that may or may not exist or only exist in oblivion and disappear once exposed to knowledge, certainty, classification and other characteristics of the contemporary culture of ours. Ville Lenkkeri works with La Galerie Particulière in Paris, Galleri Flach in Stockholm, MOMENTUM Galerie in Vienna, Peter Lav Gallery in Copenhagen and maerzgalerie in Leipzig/Berlin.