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Yann Gross

Yann Gross
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Yann Gross studied at the ECAL (Lausanne Cantonal School of Art). The main subjects of his work are questions of identity and escapism. In 2008, Yann was winner of the Photo Espana Descubrimientos (Discoveries) award. He was also named as one of the 13 emerging artists of the year by American Photo Magazine. His one-man shows include: Horizonville (Winterthur, Madrid, Vilnius, 2009 and Arles in 2011), Lavina (Budapest, 2008) and Kitintale (Bienne and Breda, 2010; Paris, 2011). In 2010, he won the Hyères International Fashion & Photography Festival. The same year he was the recipient of the Swiss Federal Design Award for his series Kitintale. Yann Gross is a member of the photographers’ collective Piece of Cake. His book Horizonville was published by JRP|Ringier in 2010.