Vevey, 8 to 13 September 2012



01 Is that place great  700x531 Vevey, 8 to 13 September 2012

For it’s 10th anniversary, POC was invited to participate to Images Festival in Vevey, Switzerland.
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POC North America | Marfa, TX

Marfa Workshop | July 18-22, 2012

POC North America Kelli Connell, Matthew Gamber, Jonathan Gitelson, William Lamson, Birthe Piontek, and Amy Stein.

IMG 2853 600x450 POC North America | Marfa, TX

The Summer 2012 North American workshop was held in beautiful Marfa Texas. We had a smaller group this workshop which allowed us to really go into depth with looking at each other’s work. In addition to group critiques, we spent our days looking at and talking about minimalist artwork. The highlights were a daylong tour of the Chinati Foundation and an afternoon tour of Donald Judd’s home and studios. Thank you to Kelli Connell for putting together an amazing workshop!

Deauville and Boston, January 4 to January 10, 2012

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With the support of the city of Deauville, POC met in an incredible house 100m from the sea for 5 intense days of projections, meetings and critique.

At the same time POC North America members gathered in Boston. This was the first simultaneous workshop between POC North America and POC Europe.


Utrecht, June 6 to June 13, 2011

POCGroupInUtrecht 700x187 Utrecht, June 6 to June 13, 2011

Thanks to Fotodok, Piece of Cake members gathered for 5 days in this incredible Paper Dome to work, eat and sleep in utrecht (nl). POC opened the gates of Paper Dome to photography students from the nearby schools, and gave lectures at Fotodok festival. Amongst our special guests to share cake was the french independant curator Rémi Faucheux.

Two North American POCs crossed the ocean to join the Europeans : Cara Phillips and Timothy Briner.

One of the main subjects discussed appart from the traditional critique sessions was the opening of an Asian branch of Piece of Cake. This project is now in motion, and soon, new members from Asian countries will join the Piece of Cake network.

Once again Charles prooved his cook talents by cooking 2 meals a day for 30 people with very little money. We are approaching the 10th anniversaire of Piece of Cake and the group has never been so big and strong.

Lisbon, October 10th to 24th, 2010

POC2 700x484 Lisbon, October 10th to 24th, 2010

POCmembers in Lisbon workshop

POC61 Lisbon, October 10th to 24th, 2010

POCmembers in Lisbon workshop

Marseille, 26th to 31st Jannuary 2010

For the Marseille (fr) meeting POCs gathered in the big appartement lent by Atelier de Visu. All the members stayed together and were able to cook for the whole group in turns. The mood was definitely family like thanks to this space. Atelier de Visu also oppened its doors to public and curators for lectures about POC members works and talks about future projects.

A very important milestone was also the opening of the North American branch of POC with three members from the US invited to share POC spirit to spread it on the other side of the ocean. From now on, North American POC members will be invited to participate to European workshops and Vice Versa.

Salzburg, 30 April to 6th June 2009

In Slazburg (at), POC was hosted by Fotohof for an exhibition of its “Village” Portfolio and a talk presenting POC to the public. Thanks to POCmember Andrew Phelps, POC could work in th very comfortable space of a photographic studio near the center of Salzburg.

POC members were very pleased to welcome the Future POC North America member CaraPhillips to discuss the creation of a North American branch of Piece of Cake. Soon 15 members will be selected to join the adventure (see following meetings reports). As usual, members spent a lot of time presenting and discussing their new works with other members. POC also discussed fundings possibilities for the group and future projects. The whole crew also took walks around the city and the surrounding landscape.

Budapest, October 7th – 14th, 2008

DSCN4248 copie Budapest, October 7th   14th, 2008

A partnership with Lumen Galéria in Budapest (hu) and Studio Galéria allowed two POC members (Yann Gross and Mathieu Bernard-Reymond) to exhibit their work in Studio Gallery and Lumen Galelry respectively. This POC meeting gathered almost all members at that time. The hungarian artists and POC members Technica Schweiz (Gergely Lászlo and Péter Rákosi) hosted the group and toured the city for visits and baths. Aditionally a public POC presentation will be held at Mai Mano, Hungarian House of Photography.

Back at the camp, critics and discussions took place in the afternoons. The whole group was also introduced to new Phase One products by two guests from the company.

We remember the huge campfire in the former youth camp of Csillebérc where pocMembers were staying. We also remember our President ritual performance in the halfpipe of the camp.

Liestal, September 2007

Thanks to the Kulturhaus Palazzo in Liestal, Switzerland, POC members were able to exhibit the Alone Together Show on last time in Europe. Members stayed in the lovely Tagungszentrum Bienenberg.

Like during every other workshop, sharing works and discussion artistic choices was a big aprt of member’s work in this session. Each member’s work could benefit from other member’s input, critics and counseling. The main goal of these critics sessions is to improve every member work through very serious critics from professionals who also happen to be trustful friends.

Antwerp, February 2007

DSC 00201 Antwerp, February 2007With the backing of the Antwerp Photomuseum and POC artist Bert Danckaert POC members met again in Antwerp (be) for a meeting with numerous curators amongst them were :

  • Inge Henneman, curator from the Antwerp Photomuseum who helped a lot
  • Sean Mc Bride, Mc Bride Fine Arts, Antwerp
  • Frank Vanhaecke, curator of photography at Bozar, (Palais de Beaux Arts, Brussels)
  • Herman Van Den Boom, Hex Gallery, Heks, Limburg
  • Roger Szmulewicz, 51 Fine Art Photography, Antwerp
  • Edith Doove, ED Projects, Antwerp
  • Stef Van Bellingen, free lance curator, art historian.

The highlights of the meetings were the lectures at the Photomuseum,  the meetings with the students from Antwerp Academy, and also the subsequent publication in the PhotoMuseum Magazine (Extra #38):

The final Bowling game can surely be considered as one of the fun highlights of the stay. Congrats to Bert.
It is also to be noted that the first POCbaby attended this workshop for the first time.

Berlin, March 2006

C/O Berlin Kindly hosted the fourth Piece of Cake Meeting, aiming to curate the first Piece of Cake collective Book : Alone Together. With the precious support of Didier Mouchel and Peter Bialobrezski, members patiently selected samples of members work to show in the book and in the first touring collective show from Piece of Cake.

The Alone Together Show then travelled to Den Haag (nl), Pont en Royans (fr), Leipzig (de) and Liestal (ch) between 2006 and 2008.

Some members will allways remember the Piano performance by Bert Danckaert during this meeting.

Köln, September 2004

Soon after the Madrid gathering Piece of Cake members met again in Köln, Germany. This was thanks to their partners for this project: Galerie Martin KudlekInternationale Photoszene Köln (IPK), Forum für Fotografie  and Expoplan.

The highlight of this meeting was the large collective exhibition of POC members at Forum for Photography, but also the talk “Solitude or Network” talk by Frank Burgdörfer. Those events were an opportunity for the members and for the visitors to understand the outlines and the benefits of a group like POC which is neither a collective or a corporation, but more like a network, a tribe, a family.
Again, the public of the Internationale Photoszene Köln 2004, both amateur and professionals was also invited to participate and interact with the photographers at the Forum. A very official group picture of the members was also produced on this occasion.

Madrid, June 2004

Thanks to Photoespaña Festival and especially to Moritz Neumüller, Epson and Residencia de Estudiantes POC members were able to participate to 2004 edition of PHE. Their participation was a special one. The group, commissioned by the festival,  set up a working room in one of the big spaces of the Residencia de Estudiantes charged with Epson printers and papers in order to produce images around Madrid in a “Live” situation. The freshly produced pictures were then instantly displayed on the walls of the space. The wall of pictures grew fast  and the visitors were able to interact with the authors. POC members also gave lectures about their work and the Piece of Cake concept. Photography amateurs but also students and professionals came to the Residencia which became the first instance of a POC-house.

Rouen, November 2002

The first POC meeting ever took place in Rouen, Normandie, France. in 2002. It was hosted and helped by the Pôle Image Haute Normandie and Didier Mouchel. It was also supported by the Region Haute Normandie and the city of Rouen.

The first members laid the basics of the future mechanics of POC. The meeting was both a window open to the public and a warm and cosy space of interaction amongst the members. An exhibition of member’s works took place in Pôle Image and POCs had the chance to meet a selection of 20 curators gallery managers magazines and institutions for a giant portfolio reading session. Charles Freger mother cooked several meals for all the members, and a crazy ice-skating party finished to establish strong bounds between the members.