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Out now ! SIMPLE PRESENT by Bert Danckaert

Hardcover, 186 pages, 28cm x 35cm
Published by


Commissioned portraits in the Salzburg Museum, Andrew Phelps

I am showing a series of new commissioned portraits of archeologists at work in a show at the Salzburg Museum titled ARCHEÄOLOGIE!?

The show opens on Saturday, Ocotober 19 and runs until the spring.


Andrew Phelps, showing in The Hague September 7th.

On the edge
photographs from Higley and Haboob, 2004-2012 

Andrew Phelps

Gallery Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus

Stationsweg 137
2515 BM Den Haag

 7 September 2013, 4PM – 6PM (Museumnight: open till 12 PM)

Exhibition until 3 November 2013 (Attention: Closed at 24 and 25 Sept.)




LhGWR is proud to present the exhibition On the Edge, photographs from Higley and Haboob, 2004-2012 by the American photographer Andrew Phelps. For the first time the work of the impressive series Higley and Haboob come together in one exhibition. A double portrait of an exemplary community in the United States, where wealth and prosperity were followed by the collapse of the housing market.
In Higley, globalization is scaled to a micro-cosmos; a farming community on the outskirts of Phoenix. It deals with the tipping point where the past is overtaken by a propelling capitalism. The series is punctuated with nostalgic musings and romantic notes that emerge imperceptibly from Phelps’ personal past. Yet you do not read the series as an indictment, you experience more of a resignation to the fact that time brings change. Then, in Haboob, we are faced with the downside of prosperity.

Phelps works as a curator and board member of the Galerie Fotohof in Salzburg. In recent years his works have been presented at renowned galleries like Robert Morat Galerie (Hamburg), Galerie Brunnhofer (Linz) and Galerie Jo van de Loo (München)

POCproject at Format Festival 8 March – 7 April 2013


©Simon Roberts

After our meeting in Vevey during the Images festival last year, here is the next meeting in Derby, UK.

Please pay us a visit at the Darley Mill!

Bert Danckaert

Simple Present @ Stieglitz 19 Gallery, Antwerp
January 26 – March 3, 2013


John Mann  |    FOLDED IN PLACE

January 24 – March 2, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 24   6 – pm

Daniel Cooney Fine Art
508 – 526 West 26th Street, Suite 9C
New York, NY 10001

212 255 8158
Tuesday – Saturday: 11 – 6

ANITA WITEK »BEST OF…« im Rahmen von EYES ON: Monat der Fotografie Vernissage: 30. Oktober 2012, ab 19.00


Exhibition open from 31. October till 15. Dezember 2012

TV series in LianZhou International Photo Festival, China

AIN’T BAD Magazine publishes Monuments

Booksigning: “Was einem Heimat war” at Offprint Paris

Presentation of the Special Edition and the book “Was einem Heimat war” at Offprint Paris. Booksigning on Friday 16th, 6pm at Buecher&Hefte publishers.

Offprint , 15 11 2012 – 18 11 2012,

Beaux Arts de Paris – 14 Rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris

Thursday & friday : 1pm to 8.30pm , Saturday & sunday : 1pm to 7pm

Offprint Paris:

Art Taipei in Ku Gallery Booth, Taipei, Nov 9-11, 2012


If you are in Taipei this november, please visit one of the oldest and most renown art fairs in Asia, formerly known as Taipei Art Fair International. Some of my works will be on display at Ku Gallery booth.

more about the fair here

New Special Edition: Was einem Heimat war

Two special editions limited to 15 copies each are available and priced at € 350
( € 290 untill September 18th 2012 ). They are made up of a signed copy of the book “Was einem Heimat war” and a signed 21×30 cm print of the motif “Spuren 4” or the triptych “Sighting unit / Mortar shell / Armorpiercing discarding sabot”, along with a DVD of the video work.

More photos of the special edition:

Informations about the work:

Photos of the book:


Review: Was einem Heimat war

Photographs of war are much sought-after because they attract attention – drama, death and horror are reliable eye-catchers. A counter-strategy is pursued in the latest book by Peter Granser: “What We Once Called Home” (Verlag Bücher & Hefte, €28). It shows us a town that has been literally pulverized by armies, tanks, artillery and shells: Gruorn on the Swabian Alb. Its inhabitants were forced to abandon their homes when their village was incorporated into the Münsigen military training area in 1937–39.
What Peter Granser found here was therefore mostly a complete void. He makes what is absent into an important part of his visual language in photographs that bear a haunting resemblance to the earliest war photographs of all: Roger Fenton’s deserted landscapes captured during the Crimean War in 1855. Echoes of the American New Topographics movement in the 1960s are also apparent, when for example Granser composes black-and-white views of the barren hills of the Swabian Alb. He juxtaposes these images with sober studio shots of the ammunition used in Münsigen – a plethora of elegant-looking, deadly missiles before pristine white backgrounds. This chilling series is lent an emotional charge by the heart-rending, but futile, letter the Mayor of Gruorn wrote in 1937 lamenting the imminent extinction of his town. Peter Granser conjures from these elements a meditative study of transience and violence – a silent memorial in pictures.

Andreas Langen, Stuttgarter Zeitung, August 17, 2012

Fair: Kaune Sudendorf presents “Was einem Heimat” at Unseen Amsterdam

Sighting unit, Mortar shell, Armorpiercing discarding sabot, Was einem Heimat war, 2011

POC 10 years Anniversary in Images Festival, Vevey, Switzerland




Piece of Cake fête ses 10 ans et occupe le Local d’Art Contemporain de Vevey, pendant le Festival Images, à la ruelle des Anciens-Fossés 8 (voir plan), avec des installations inédites de Charlott Markus, Petros Efstathiadis et Loan Nguyen !


Calendriers des  événements du 8 au 30 septembre 2012:

8 septembre

11:30: Vernissage – Barbecue, saucisses à volonté !


9 septembre

11:30: Venez prendre un brunch avec nous !

16:00-18:00: Discussions sur canapé: deux photographes partagent leurs réflexions et leur travail avec le public.

Attention: La langue commune de POC est l’Anglais.


Brian Ulrich avec Charles Fréger

Seba Kurtis avec Petros Efstathiadis


10 septembre

10:00-12:00: Sessions de travail ouvertes au public.

Les membres de POC partagent leurs nouveaux travaux, leurs préoccupations, leurs défis et leurs conseils. 

16:00-18:00: Discussions sur canapé: deux photographes partagent leurs réflexions et leur travail avec le public.

Attention: La langue commune de POC est l’Anglais.


Anita Witek avec Charlott Markus

Simon Roberts avec Andrew Phelps


11 septembre

10:00-12:00: Sessions de travail ouvertes au public.

Les membres de POC partagent leurs nouveaux travaux, leurs préoccupations, leurs défis et leurs conseils. 

Attention: La langue commune de POC est l’Anglais.

21 septembre

19:00: Soirée “Pocktails”, Mojito à gogo !



Nous remercions le Festival Images et le l-a-c pour leur accueil et leur soutien.



HABOOB, an new book by Andrew Phelps


Special Editions of my upcoming book HABOOB are available now. The book will be released by Kehrer Publishing in September.

This is the evil step-sister of my 2007 book HIGLEY, dealing with the same American town and the urban-sprawl as it has been hit by the housing crash.

Check it out here.


Exhibition: Paradiese

Vorgarten 4, Sun City, 2000


Work by Peter Bialobrzeski, Peter Granser, Tim Kubach, Margarin Studio, Synchrodogs

Opening at 7pm on 24 08 2012

25 08 – 26 09 2012

Arles 2012: Hypermarket is the place.

I am really proud to participate to this collective exhibition “Digital Heritage” at the Last Hypermarket in Arles.

What is this exhibition about ?

“[…]not the digital works as a central subject but rather as a practice assimilated by many authors using photography[…]

which is definitely the way it should be!


Some pictures from my “Elements” series will be displayed there.


Conferences schedule :


Exhibition: Behind The Facade, Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen – June 7 through August 12, 2012


Work from my new project THE GARDEN (2012) is included in a group exhibition at Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The Garden is a series of photographs shot in Tivoli Gardens – an old amusement park in the middle of Copenhagen. Here people of all different nationalities and ethnicities meet in a world of fantasy. An imaginary Orient, where lights, colors, fake palaces and minarets are the backdrop of the place. It’s a surreal world, yet it mirrors the dreams and fears of life outside the entrance.

Monuments solo show at 4RT contemporary, Bruxells. June 20 – July 21.


If you are in the area on the 20th, let’s meet there. The opening is on the 20th of June at 6pm.

Show at OstLicht, Vienna; 5.6. – 29.9.2012


Anita Witek, Ordinary subjects lager than life, 2009/2010; C-Prints.


OstLicht. Galerie für Fotografie
Absberggasse 27, A-1100 Wien


Exhibition: Guislain Museum, Gent, Belgium


Still 5, J’ai perdu ma tête, 2009

Hier woont mijn huis / This is where my house lives
( after the words of Wouter De Ryck, cousin of the visual artist Anne-Mie van Kerkhoven )

Five variations on living and madness The Dr. Guislain Museum uses its own special architecture as a source of inspiration for the presentation of five variations on the theme ‘living and madness’. How do people treat psychiatric architectural heritage? And how has ‘living and madness’ inspired artists and outsiders?

Single presentations of work by Christopher Payne, Eddo Hartmann, Robert Garcet/Juul Sadée/Ralph Noort and Peter Granser.

16 06 2012 – 16 09 2012

New book + book signing: Was einem Heimat war

We will present my new book “Was einem Heimat war” the first time at the Book Days 2012 at c/o Berlin and I will be there for a booksigning on May 26th at 5pm at the Buecher&Hefte table. Hope to see you.

Was einem Heimat war
17 × 24 cm, 80 pages
german / english
ISBN 978-3-9814530-2-7

The book is limited to 800 copies.

Bücher & Hefte



Thursday April 26th, I will give a talk about my work at Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne. If you are in the area, please come and say hello!

18:30, Salle Lumière, Musée de l’Elysée , Lausanne, Switzerland


‘Simple Present’ @ Galerie Clairefontaine Luxembourg

New Solo Show
April 26 – June 2, 2012

Wilder Mann, Vasco Museum, Bilbao, 14/3-20/05

Exhibition: Stadthaus Ulm


“Wie weit weg ist ganz verschwunden?”

31 03 2012 – 24 06 2012

Single presentation of Peter Granser´s new work “Was einem Heimat war” in the cabinet gallery.

For this project, Peter Granser set out in search of traces of the village Gruorn on the Swabian Alp and, in doing so, tracked the diverse history of an area that was used as a military training area for over a century and declared a nature reserve in 2005.

Exhibition: Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe – Orangerie

Heaven in Clouds klangstueck

“Zeigen. Eine Audiotour durch Baden-Württemberg”
by Karin Sander

10 02 2012 – 10 08 2012

A photograph from my upcoming new project ‘Heaven in Clouds’ shows the misty night sky over a Chinese metropolis, lit up by giant LED-advertisment boards. In collaboration with the programmer and experimental musician Jörg Koch, the digital information of the photograph was manipulated and combined with field recordings to create the sound, that you can listen to at the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe.

With work by Franz Ackermann, Susanne Ackermann, Silvia Bächli, John Bock, Böller und Brot, Nezaket Ekici, Filderbahnfreundemöhringen FFM, Ulrike Flaig, Rainer Ganahl,  Peter Granser, Friederike Groß, Christian Jankowski, Isaac Julien, Astrid S. Klein, Corinne Wasmuht, Peter Weibel, …

Ash and Gold

Marta Herford
Ash and Gold

January 28 – April 22, 2012,

Group Exhibition

Including works by Joseph Beuys, Marcel Broodthaers,Thomas Demand, Lucio Fontana, Félix González-Torres, Rebecca Horn, Anish Kapoor, Yves Klein, Marie-Jo Lafontaine, Sigmar Polke, Friederike von Rauch, Man Ray, Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol and others.

Ash and Gold
May 13 – August 19, 2012

The Attack of Marine Animals on the Beach in Deauville

The Heroes of the Shaft – Lumen Gallery

The Heroes of the Shaft 1.5.5

The Heroes of the Shaft / Katarina Šević & Tehnica Schweiz (Gergely László, Péter Rákosi)
17.01.– 28.02.2012 / Vernissage: 17.01.2012, 8pm

Lumen Gallery, Budapest!

Deauville and Boston, January 4 to January 10, 2012

With the support of the city of Deauville, POC met in an incredible house 100m from the sea for 5 intense days of projections, meetings and critique.

At the same time POC North America members gathered in Boston. This was the first simultaneous workshop between POC North America and POC Europe.


Deauville meeting is coming soon!

Thanks to the city of Deauville (France), the next POC Europe workshop will take place there in a few days. read the whole story soon in the Meetings  section

Exhibition at Ku Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan. Dec 17, 2011 to March 31, 2012


The newborn Ku Gallery will exhibit a great selection of my work in a solo show from Dec 17 to March 31 of the next year.

Opening: Dec 17th 3:00PM to 6:00PM

more info at:

Bert Danckaert in PSSST…

du 26 novembre au 24 décembre 2011 @ galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg

Group show with:
Joe Allen, Dieter Appelt,
Giacomo Costa, Bert Danckaert,
Jörg Immendorf, Anselm Kiefer,
Markus Lüpertz, Tung-Wen Margue,
Michel Medinger, Roland Schauls,
Alfred Seiland

Bert Danckaert in D.O.F. @ Three Shadows Gallery, Beijing, China

Location: Three Shadows Photography Art Centre
No. 155A Caochangdi, Beijing, China
Opening: Saturday, December 3, 2011
Symposium 2pm, Reception 3:30pm
Exhibition Dates: December 3 to January 6, 2011 10am to 6pm
(Closed on Mondays and National Holidays)
Curator: Dries Roelens
Co-curator: Wei Chen
Artists Participating in Symposium: Arno Roncada, Bert Danckaert

Andrew Phelps. “GIPFEL” in gallery Jo Van De Loo, Munich

Andrew Phelps


Galerie Jo Van De Loo, Munich. Opening on November 24th, 7 pm.

Theresienstrasse 48, Munich, D.


POC booth at OffPrint Paris

The POC table at OffPrint

If you are in Paris, please visit us at the OffPrint Paris book fair.
Piece of Cake members will present theïr publications there.
POC table is located on the top level, left side of the building.

10-13 November 2011
14:00 to 21:00 on Thursday and Friday
11:00 to 18:00 on Saturday and Sunday

21/24 rue Ganneron
75018 Paris

Metro: Place de Clichy

Lottery: The Friends Collection : “A Picture for Home”

schaden“A Picture for Home” is made up of works by photographers who are close to during the last 15 years. It will bring together 420 members of the family (210 photographers and 210 collectors/photobook fans) in a huge event during Paris Photo 2011.

Each invited photographer chooses a photograph they’d consider “A Picture for Home.” The prints are signed by the photographer for “ Friends Collection”. An important supplement to the project will be a catalogue including reproductions of each print.

At “The Schaden-Night of the Year” on November 10th the lottery-draw and subsequent pairings (print with proud new owner) will take place at the David Lynch Night Club SILENCIO.

There are still some lots available for €299.

Please check the Website for more informations.

With Photographs by: Alec Soth, Alex Webb, Anders Petersen, Andreas Gefeller, Antoine D´Agata, Archive of Modern Conflict, Beat Streuli, Bert Teunissen, Bertien van Manen, Boris Becker, Christian Patterson, Ed Templeton, Götz Diergarten, Hans van der Meer, Hans-Christian Schink, Hellen van Meene, Jacqueline Hassink, Jens Liebchen, Jessica Backhaus, JH Engström, Jim Goldberg, Jitka Hanzlová, Jo Ratcliffe, Joachim Brohm,  John Gossage, Josef Schulz, Jules Spinatsch, Katja Stuke, Keizo Kitajima, Larry Fink, Lewis Baltz, Lili Almog, Mark Power, Mark Steinmetz, Martin Parr, Mitch Epstein, Morten Andersen, Nicolai Howalt, Niels Stomps, Nina Poppe, Olaf Unverzart, Oliver Sieber, Paolo Pellegrin, Peter Bialobrzeski, Peter Granser, Pieter Hugo, Richard Renaldi, Rinko Kawauchi, Rob Hornstra, Robert Voit, Roger Ballen, Sebastian Burger, Simon Norfolk, Simon Roberts, Stephen Gill, Stephen Shore, Takashi Homma, Taiyo Onorato, Thobias Fäldt, Todd Hido, Trine Sondergaard, Verena Loewenhaupt, Viviane Sassen, Wolfgang Zurborn and many others.

Voices from the Center – Three Walls, Chicago

The Garage Prpject - Gergely László & Péter Rákosi / Tehnica Schweiz

Voices from the Center
Oct 28 – Dec 10 2011

A multiform project and a group exhibition produced by by Janeil Englstad at Three Walls, in Chicago.

Artists include: Janeil Englstad, Grafixpol, Oto Hudec, Magda Stanová, Miklós Surányi, Matej Vakula, and Tehnica Schweiz (Gergely László & Péter Rákosi)

L’insensé Magazine n°9, Switzerland, features several POCmembers

This edition of L’insensé features of 3 poc members along with a lot of other photographers from switzerland.

Featuring works of:

Olaf Breuning, Yann gross (from POC), Claude Baechtold, Matthieu Gafsou, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Anne Golaz, Loan Nguyen (from POC), Catherine Gffeler, Beat Streuli, Phillip Schaerer, Jules Spinatsch, Guido Mocafico, Pipilotti Rist, Yann Mingard, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond (from POC) and many others..



Exhibition: Getxophoto, Bilbao, Spain


Man with a bag, Sun City, 2000

In Praise of Elderly
01 09 2011 – 30 09 2011

With work by KayLynn Deveney, Josep Echaburu, Patrick Duncan, Walter Schels, Peter Granser and others.

A catalogue is published.

Exhibition: “Datascapes” in Fotografia festival, Roma, IT, Sept.23 to Oct.23, 2011

From the Monuments series, 2010

I will participate to Fotografia festival 2011 (10th edition) with a large selection of Monuments series images in the “Datascape” show curated by Valentina Tanni.

The theme of the Festival’s 10th edition is  MOTHERLAND,  a word that should stimulate an analysis of the relationship between land and identity, between territory and values, between roots and the complexity of contemporary life, with a special focus on Italy, which this year is celebrating its first century and a half of unit

Please visit the Festival website for more info about the multitude of other exhibitions

Exhibition: Ego Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

J'ai Perdu Ma Tete Portrait 18

Portrait 18, J´ai perdu ma tête, 2009

“Where the wild ones are” – “Donde habitan los salvajes”

22 09 2011 – 20 10 2011

Group exhibition with work by Charles Fréger, Peter Granser, Loan Nguyen and Petros Efstathiadis.

Re-Constructions Exhibition in Paris

Re-Constructions Exhibition in Paris, Alejandra Laviada










Alejandra Laviada: Re-Constructions

Galerie Bendana Pinel

September 17 – October 29, 2011

Exhibition: Biel/Bienne Photo Festival

ShoeBox – Seba Kurtis

Journees Photographiques de Bienne
Bieler Fototage
15 edition
2 – 25 septembre 2011

Exhibition: Photaumnales 2011, Beauvais


Front Garden 1, Sun City, 2000

Including ‘Sun City’

10 09 2011 – 06 11 2011

Festival with work by Joakim Eskildsen, Simon Roberts, Susan Trangmar, Moira Ricci, and others.

Screening: Rencontres d’Arles, France


Man with a bag, Sun City, 2000

Sun City and Alzheimer
04 07 2011 – 18 09 2011

The upcoming 42nd edition of the Rencontres d’Arles is celebrating the anniversary of the Rencontres d’Arles Awards. For the last 10 years, the Rencontres d’Arles have been supporting the creation and the diffusion of photographers and contemporary artists thanks to these Awards.

To celebrate this anniversary, a screening will retrace the history of these Awards with its differents winners from 2002 to 2010. It will be shown at the Grande Halle in the Parc des Ateliers (4th July to 18th September). It will also be projected on Saturday the 9th of July during the opening week’s screening evenings in the Théatre Antique.

Since I won the Arles Discovery Award in 2002 my work “Sun City” and “Alzheimer” is being included.

The winners of the Arles Discovery Award 2003-2010 were Taryn Simon, Pieter Hugo, Allesandra Sanguinetti, Yasu Suzuka, Miroslav Tichy, Ziyah Gafic, Laura Henno  and Rimaldas Viksraitis.

Exhibition: Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, USA


Portrait 03, Alzheimer, 2001

Art of Caring (including ‘Alzheimer’)

05 06 2011 – 25 09 2011
Opening June 4th, 6:00pm

With work by established artists like Tina Barney, Nan Goldin, Sally Mann, Nicholas Nixon, Tatsumi Orimoto, Robert Polidori, and Larry Sultan and emerging artists like Elinor Carucci, Jeff Charbonneau, Eliza French, Peter Granser, Jessica Todd Harper and Misty Keasler.

Exhibition: Annaberg Space for Photography, USA


Bikini Queen, Sun City, 2001

Beauty Culture (including ‘Sun City’)

21 05 2011 – 27 11 2011
Opening June 4th, 6:00pm

With work by  Erwin Blumenfeld, William Claxton, Chuck Close, Jodi Cobb, Peter Granser, Lauren Greenfield, David LaChapelle, Paul Lange, Mary Ellen Mark, Yasumasa Morimura, Nino Muñoz, Leonard Nimoy, Erwin Olaf, ORLAN, Man Ray, Terry Richardson, Herb Ritts, Matthew Rolston, Norman Jean Roy, Greg Ruffing, Horacio Salinas, Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello, Martin Schoeller, Andres Serrano, Annie Sprinkle, and others.

Exhibition: Atelier de Visu, Marseille, France


Still Life 13, “J´ai perdu ma tête”, 2009

J’ai perdu ma tête (part of the ‘Printemps de l’art contemporain’)
12 05 2011 – 02 07 2011 (Exhibition will be on for a few more days)
Opening May 12th, 6:00pm

Flakphoto features the Humble Collector’s Guide, Vol. 2 (including “J’ai perdu ma tête”)

Flak Photo continues its 2011 program by partnering with Humble Arts Foundation to feature work from 35 artists included in The Collector’s Guide to New Art Photography, a biennial publication that highlights some of the most innovative new photographic work from 100 photographers internationally.

The spring feature highlights the diverse perspectives of 35 of these photographers including images from Adam Schrieber, Amy Eckert, Amy Lombard, Andy Freeberg, Brad Farwell, Casey McGonagle, Christopher Colville, Claire Beckett, Corinne Vionnet, Deana Lawson, Elizabeth Atterbury, Emily Shur, Eric Bessel, Erika Larsen, Flemming Ove Bech, Gillian Laub, Irina Rozovsky, Jessica Labatte, Jill Frank, Joshua Dudley Greer, Kevin Thrasher, Kris Graves, Magda Biernat, Hyers + Mebane, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Matthew Gamber, Paul Bobko, Peter Granser, Robin Schwartz, Ryan Boatright, Sarah Girner, Stephanie Jane Halmos, Tricia Lawless Murray, Wendy Given and Youngsuk Suh.

Edited by Humble Arts Foundation’s founders, amani olu and Jon Feinstein, the book is a resource for collectors, gallerists, curators, art professionals, educators, and the public. This new volume continues Humble’s mission of introducing new talent to people of influence in contemporary art.

Exhibition: Kunsthalle Göppingen, Schloss Filseck, Germany


Still 9, J’ai perdu ma tête, 2009

Stillleben (including ‘J’ai perdu ma tête’)
05 03 2011 – 15 05 2011
Opening March 4th, 7:30pm

Artists: Walter Schöllhammer, Akihiro Higuchi,  Via Lewandowski,  Bruno Demattio,  Helmut Baumann, Heinz Novag, Heinz E. Hirscher, Anja Luitle, Jürgen Klauke u.a.

Exhibition: Chelsea Art Museum, New York

The Collector’s Guide to New Art Photography Vol. 2 Exhibition
05 03 2011 – 04 04 2011
Opening March 5th, 8pm

The Collector’s Guide to New Art Photography Vol. 2

collectory guide vol 2

Edited by Amani Olu & Jon Feinstein
Preface by Jon Feinstein / Introduction by Vanessa Kramer
ISBN: 978-0-9796425-1-7

The Collector’s Guide to New Art Photography Vol. 2 is a 216-page biennial sourcebook that highlights some of the most challenging and innovative new photographic work from 100 photographers internationally. Edited by Humble Arts Foundation’s founders, amani olu and Jon Feinstein, with an introduction by Vanessa Kramer, Director of Photographs, Phillips de Pury & Company, The Collector’s Guide to New Art Photography Vol. 2 is a resource for collectors, gallerists, curators, art professionals, educators, and the public. This new volume continues Humble’s mission of introducing new talent to people of influence in contemporary art.

Book Details
Photographers: 100
Trim Size: 9 x 10.5 in.
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 216
Illustrations: 174 color, 26 black-and-white
ISBN: 978-0-9796425-1-7
Retail: $49.95 plus S+H.

Exhibition: Schloss Balmoral

alzheimer_portrait 19

Portrait 19, Alzheimer, 2001

Kunst trotz(t) Demenz (including ‘Alzheimer’)
12 02 2011 – 27 02 2011

Works by Louise Bourgeois, Jörg Immendorf, Candida Höfer, Joseph Beuys, Herbert Zangs, Andrea Esswein, Cornelia Rößler, Peter Granser and others.

Exhibition: Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp, Belgium

07_Wonder Wheel 02

Wonder Wheel 02, Coney Island, 2003

28 01 2011 – 26 03 2011

Artists on show: Masao Yamamoto, Elinor Carucci, Friederike von Rauch, Katy Grannan, Peter Granser, Bart Michiels, Martin Munkasci,  Elger Esser, Masahisa Fukase, Kate Schermerhorn, …

Exhibition: Independent Photography Art Organization, China

Dispersed Light – 2011 International Contemporary Photography Exhibition (including ‘SIGNS’)
28 01 2011 – 12 02 2011

Curators: Wang Chunchen, Fu Xiangyu

New York: A Photographer’s City

_NY_JACKET:Layout 1

New York: A Photographer’s City, Rizzoli, 2011

Edited by Marla Hamburg Kennedy
ISBN: 978-0-8478-3584-3New York: A Photographer’s City is reflecting the avant-garde spirit of New York and containing previously unpublished work by well-known and emerging contemporary artists. This volume includes more than 350 images from all five New York City boroughs by more than one hundred artists such as Jack Pierson, Atta Kim, Doug Aitken, Joel Meyerowitz, Andreas Gursky, Tim White Sobieski, Ed Burtynsky, Thomas Struth, Jenny Holzer, and Michael Eastman, among many others, which not only document the city but also reflect and explore an innovative perspective of New York in the twenty-first century.

Exhibition: Kulturraum, Klosterhof, St.Gallen, Switzerland

alzheimer_observation 15
Observation 14, Alzheimer, 2011

Was soll ich sagen? – Alzheimer (travelling exhibition)
14 01 2011 – 06 03 2011

Exhibition: Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart, Germany

Verbindungen (Connections) (including ‘Spuren der Arbeit’)
30 09 2010 – 16 10 2010
Opening September 30th, 6pm

With work by Klaudia Dietewich, Rainer Ganahl, Peter Granser, Silvia Wille, Margot Witte and others.Talk with Peter Weibel (ZKM Karlsruhe) and Alexander W. Roos (HDM Stuttgart) October 10th, 6pm

Exhibition: Landesvertretung Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Germany

Die Sammlung Alison und Peter W. Klein
29 09 2010 –20 10 2010

Sonja Braas, Gregory Crewdson, Juliane Eirich, Elger Esser, Christine Fenzl, Peter Granser, Izima Kaoru, Annette Kelm, Atta Kim, Rosemary Laing, Sharon Lockhart, Tracey Moffatt, Shirin Neshat, Chi Peng, Erwin Wurm…

Exhibition: 14-1 Galerie, Stuttgart, Germany

J’ai perdu ma tête
17 09 2010 – 13 11 2010
Opening September 17th, 7pm–11pm, with an introduction by Dr. Tobias Wall

Granser’s new photographs and videos from a psychiatric hospital make do without any freak-show thrills or horror scenarios. They unfold their intensity through the photographer’s reserved gaze and intimate familiarity with his subject. These are compositions made up of nuances, of suggestions and presentiments, images that do not show the grimacing mask of insanity, bur rather its human countenance. It is an eerily familiar face. We know it from the mirror and sense that the way there can be short, shorter than we think. From normality to madness. (Tobias Wall)

Exhibition: Biennale 7, Ottignies-Louvrain-La-Neuve, Belgium

Un monde parfait (including ‘Sun City’)
16 09 2010 – 17 10 2010

With work by Beat Streuli, Arnold Odermatt, Martin Kollar and others.

Exhibition: Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland

‘Arbeit / Labour’ (including ‘Sun City’)
11 09 2010 – 22 05 2011

Up until a few years ago, certain work positions were considered “secure.” Today, with an increasingly profit-orientated mentality and prescribed flexibility, all work models are up for discussion. Positions will no longer be occupied for life. Instead, one will string together a series of professional stations and sites nomadically; full-time work that structures one’s life will be increasingly put into question. Photography has long borne witness to the conditions under which people work. Through factory photographers, for example, who captured the inner workings of a company from the perspective of the client, the management, or, on the other side, “independent” photographers who documented the particularities of sites of production and trade from their own personal external view. The exhibition Arbeit / Labour creates a dialogue between historical documentary photographs and artworks by contemporary photographers. This juxtaposition shows the progressive shift from physical labor to automated activity and to services in which human beings simply maintain control and management functions. With photographs from the archives of “Von Roll,” “Maag,” “Haldengut,” “SLM,” and “Volkart,” and with works by Richard Avedon, Lewis Baltz, Joachim Brohm, Nicolas Faure, Andreas Gursky, Lee Friedlander, Hans Hansen, Sanna Kannisto, Sebastião Salgado, Joel Sternfeld, Jakob Tuggener, Bertien van Manen, and others.

Exhibition: Zeughaus – Toskanische Säulenhalle, Augsburg, Germany

‘Divine Connections’ (including ‘SIGNS’)
29 07 2010 – 03 10 2010

With work by Azra Aksamija, Benyamin Reich, Rami Tufi, Rabi Georges, Damir Niksic, Tom Schmelzer, Maria Zervou and others.

Exhibition: The Cincinnati Museum Center, Ohio, USA

‘The Art of Caring’ (including ‘Sun City’ and ‘Alzheimer’)
09 07 2010 – 19 09 2010

With work by Tina Barney, Nan Goldin, Sally Mann, Nicholas Nixon, Tatsumi Orimoto, Robert Polidori, Larry Sultan, Elinor Carucci, Jeff Charbonneau, Eliza French, Peter Granser, Jessica Todd Harper Misty Keasler and others.

Exhibition: The Photographer’s Gallery, London, UK

Marks of Honour
18 06 2010 – 18 10 2010

Harvey Benge honours William Eggleston
Chris Coekin honours Duncker/Tuunanen
Peter Granser honours Robert Frank
Pieter Hugo honours Roland Barthes
Tiina Itkonen honours Pentti Sammallahti
Onaka Koji honours Daido Moriyama
Jens Liebchen honours Anthony Hernandez
Michael Light honours Ansel Adams
Mark Power honours Stephen Shore
Matthew Sleeth honours Lars Tunbjörk
Alec Soth honours Andrea Modica
Jules Spinatsch honours Block 2008
Raimond Wouda honours Paul Shambroom

Marks of Honour – A Striking Library is a homage to the photo book. The exhibition shows the inspiration a new generation of relevant photographers has had from the history of photography in the form of books. The photo book is a source for artistic inspiration and creative reference, especially since Robert Frank published his Les Américains in 1958. Photography in books has not only influenced collectors and curators, but also generations of photographers.

Exhibition: Marstall, Pfäfers, Switzerland

“Was soll ich sagen?” Alzheimer
04 06 2010 – 12 09 2010
Opening June 4th, at 7pm

Exhibition: Museo da Imagem, Braga, Portugal

01 04 2010 – 16 05 2010
Opening April 1st, at 6pm

Exhibition: Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, Germany

Lead Awards
13 03 2010 – 11 04 2010

Architecture and Stillife photography of the year:
Lee Friedlander „America by Car” (Gold)
Peter Granser „J´ai perdu ma tete” (Silver)
Sarah Pickering „Explosions” (Bronze)

Exhibition: Pôle Image, Rouen, France

12 03 2010 – 22 05 2010
Opening 12 March, 7pm

Granser’s new photographs and videos from a psychiatric hospital make do without any freak-show thrills or horror scenarios. They unfold their intensity through the photographer’s reserved gaze and intimate familiarity with his subject. These are compositions made up of nuances, of suggestions and presentiments, images that do not show the grimacing mask of insanity, bur rather its human countenance. It is an eerily familiar face. We know it from the mirror and sense that the way there can be short, shorter than we think. From normality to madness. (Tobias Wall)

Exhibition: Kunstwerk – “Fotokunstpreis” Alison & Peter Klein Collection, Nussdorf, Germany

26 01 2010 – 28 03 2010
Opening on the 26th January at 6pm

I am pleased to announce that I am one of the nominated finalists for the Alison & Peter Klein Photo Art Award. Other finalists are Annette Kelm, Juliane Eirich and Sandra Meisel. The award was given to Christine Fenzl. A group exhibition of the winner´s and the finalists´ work will be shown at Kunstwerk Nussdorf.

Exhibition: Robert Morat Galerie, Hamburg, Germany

08 01 2010 – 27 02 2010

Exhibition: Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP), Paris, France

bikini queen

Bikini Queen, Sun City, 2001

Génération De l´air ( group exhibition )
29 06 2011 – 25 09 2011

Yann Gross’ Kintale at Kassel Photo book awards.

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Silent Auction for Fundation Studio Marangoni, Firenze.

I have worked with Martino Marangoni on several occasions, and was allways amazed by his dedication to photography and to his students. I sincerely hope this auction will be a success because that is what the Sudio Marangoni crew diserves. If you look at the list of photographers presented for this auction, you will see that Mr Marangoni is taking it seriously. One of my images from Disparitions series will be available.

X3 center for contemporary art is pleased to host: TWENTY YEARS OF PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO FOUNDATION MARANGONI PREVIEW OF THE PICTURES FOR THE SILENT AUCTION Friday May 13, 2011 from 16 to 22 On 13 May Centre for Contemporary Art EX3 will host a preview of the images presented in the auction silent * to be held at Fondazione Studio Marangoni May 21, 2011.

From 16 to 22, with cocktails and DJ sets from 19 hours, the Centre will be open to browse through the production of Italian and international photography in recent years that saw the Fondazione Studio Marangoni as the protagonist.

Will include photos of: Eleanor Accorsi, Marc Adams, Massimo Agus, Marco Ambrosi, Antonio Angelucci, Simone Bacci, Emanuele Baciocchi, Giorgio Barrera, Sofia Barrios, Gabriele Basilico, Samuel Benelli, Maurizio Berlincioni, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Antonio Biasiucci, Leonora Bisagno, Patrizia Bonanzinga, Carmelo Bongiorno, Fabio Boni, Elina Brotherus, Paolo Cagnacci, Andras Calamandrei, Marco Calò, Giovanna Calvenzi, Ronnie Bell, Luke Campigotto, Cinzia Canneri, Alessandra Capodacqua, Leonardo Caprai, Margaret Cesaretti, Barbara Chiarini, Cesare Colombo, Anna Cimmino, Lois Conner, Michele Dantini, Edoardo Delille, Alessio Del Lama, Filippo Del Vita, Alessandro Right, Chico De Luigi, Constance De Rogatis, Federica Di Giovanni, Andrea Di Martino, Marco Dolfi, Simone Donati, Gabriele Galimberti, Sally Gall , Ilaria Gambi, Maria Laura Garcia Crews, Charles Gatewood, Francis Gnote, Claudio Gobbi, Ken Grant, Liliana Grueff, Guido Guidi, Marco Lachi, Cosmo Laera, Ferruccio Marauders, Martino Marangoni, Gianluca Maver, Alessandro Mencarelli, Monika Merva, Sandro Michahelles , Marzia Improves, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Abelardo Morell, Frank Niccoli, Noferi Silvia, Cristina Omenetto, Alessandro Pace, Pierpaolo Pagano, Pietro Paolini, Martin Parr, Federico Patellani, Viola Frey, Bernard Plossu, Martha Spring, Francis Radin, Nicholas Rastrelli, Baerbel Reinhard, Moira Ricci, Simon Roberts, Norma Rossetti, Sandro Scalia, Raphael Scatasta, Ciro Frank Schiappa, Helen Sear, Frank Sprecacenere, Massimo Stefanutti, Michi Suzuki, Daniela Tartaglia, George Tatge, Toni Thorimbert, Giuseppe Toscano, Tatiana Uzlova, Margaret Green, Denise Vernillo, Paul Verzone, David Virdis, Massimo Vitali, Jay Wolke, Paul Woods, Cristina Zamagni, Daniel Zappala, Wolfgang Zurborn. In these twenty years the photography scene is totally changed and the FSM was the star of the progress and innovation of photographic culture. With vitality and vision of the FSM team has helped create a new impact in the way photography is perceived today.

Fondazione Studio Marangoni tel. (+39) 055 280 368

EX3 Centre for Contemporary Art
Viale Giannotti 81/83/85
50126 Firenze (I)
tel. (+39) 055 628 7091